Video Editing with 4K Videos on a Laptop

Recently I have been video editing with 4K videos on a laptop computer.  With todays camera’s and even mobile phones shooting in 4K, a lot of the content I edit is in this format.

Video Editing with 4K Videos

I am fortunate enough to have the option to use a laptop while editing porn videos.  It is a luxury that I use when I want to edit outdoors or traveling on a train.  However, my laptop is not as powerful as my desktop computer.  This means that trying to edit 4K video on a less powerful computer can cause a lot of lag.

Video Editing with 4K by converting to Proxy Files

I have found that Premiere Pro CC has a great feature to help video editors to work with large 4K video files.  Converting the 4K files to a lower resolution and editing those reduces (or removes) and lag whilst editing.

Yes, there is a bit of a wait whilst encoder converts the 4K video in proxy files, but the reward is worth the wait.  Basically you are editing proxy files, but when you export your final video, Premiere Pro still exports using the 4K files.  I have found this is a great way to do video editing with 4K raw footage.

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I use this technique when I edit porn videos for SplatBukkake.  I need to scrub though their files first off all to find any off camera footage.  Trying to do that using 4k files on a laptop is very difficult as there is too much lag.  But converting them into 1080p proxy files is a great solution for anyone without a powerful desk top computer.

If you want to see a more in depth tutorial about this, watch on YouTube.

Just remember that you will need a bit of time for your 4K files to convert.  So I would recommend doing that over night.  So you wake up in the morning ready to edit!